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IF we make this 1:many then we will require the selection of a preferred readable
and the exact way to serialize will have a couple of choices as a result.
See [[* serialization choices][serialization choices]] for more.
*** ={label}= :terminal:
This endpoint represents a mapping of all labels to escaped uri fragments.
If there are duplicate labels then the page resolves to a wikipedia like disambiguation page.
This is the foundation for redlinks, which are in a sense the 'ambiguation' page for a term.
It is not clear whether we should support lexical resolution inside of a user's =/uris/=.
The thing that would seem to make the most sense is for there to be a way for users to
choose which ambiguous term they personally want to resolve to. Since there is only a single
possible set of purely lexical terms, this means that =/uris/= will NOT have a lexical subheading.
Instead the user can define _on the global ambiguous terms_ which term they want to resolve to.
There is a potential issue, which is that when there is a _single_ ambiguous term then it will
resolve to the users definition of that term as with readable. The difference is that with lexical
all of the labels by definition are conflated, so we have to include the mapping to an individual term.
Unlike in the =/readable/= namespace, InterLex SHALL NOT define default mappings for ambiguous labels.
**** Logic
| result count | action |
| 0 | ambiguate term |
| 1 | resolve directly |
| > 1 | disambiguation page |
**** When the user is wrong
The reason for taking the approach outlined above is that when a user enters a label for a term
if they concept they are thinking of is not defined, but there is another concept with the same
label masquerading as such, then we need a way to warn the user. For labels that appear on only
a single term, a purely lexical reference will not be allowed. In fact, lexical references will
only be allowed as redlinks and should be hastily mapped to an existing ilx_id or to a new term.
** user uri structure
*** ={user}/=
*** ={user}/versions/=

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