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tgbugs committed Oct 1, 2018
1 parent cf3fe05 commit 7a4309a1a9e8f86d6168c2e6fdb4ad1edc550db7
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@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ install:
#- pipenv run ipython -c "__import__('pyontutils.config').config.bootstrap_config()"
- ontload graph NIF-Ontology NIF -z build -l "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/../" -O SciGraph -B master -b ${TRAVIS_BRANCH} -t "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/build/graphload.yaml.template" -u "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/build/nifstd_curie_map.yaml"
- git checkout ${TRAVIS_BRANCH} # ontload doesn't currently work if git is in detached head mode
- ontload graph NIF-Ontology NIF -z "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/build" -l "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/../" -O SciGraph -B master -b ${TRAVIS_BRANCH} -t "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/build/graphload.yaml" -u "${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/build/nifstd_curie_map.yaml"
- echo "scp the artifacts somewhere"

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