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interlex spec add route for group parameterized ontologies

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tgbugs committed Nov 16, 2019
1 parent 7808b88 commit b720392a7652c7aca8a83735140f1bb69d22406d
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@@ -126,6 +126,12 @@
*** ={user}/ontologies/= :terminal:
This subbranch represents the common reference names for ontology files
that are actually generated by InterLex in the same way that =/readable= and =/ilx_= do.
*** ={user}/ontologies/interlex/{path/}filename{.ext}= :terminal:

Builtin ontologies whose included classes are based on the group and whose serialization
is determined by the group settings as well. Use =/{group}/own/{other-group}/ontologies/interlex/=
to re-serialize according to your own rules, e.g. using a different curie ranking rule.
*** ={user}/ontologies/interlex/{path/}filename/version/{epoch}/filename{.ext}= :terminal:
*** ={user}/ontologies/{hash_of_bound_name}= :terminal:
={consecutive integers}= is another possibility here, but the hash seems like
it would ultimately be much cheaper, the alternative of course being that
@@ -144,7 +150,7 @@
This may be hard to pull off for arbitrary dates.
*** ={user}/ontologies/{path/}filename/version/{version-string}/filename{.ext}= :terminal:
This is easier to pull off for things like uberon.
*** ={user}/ixl_{1234567}= :terminal:
*** ={user}/ilx_{1234567}= :terminal:
*** ={user}/readable/{word}= :terminal:
Entities listed here need to be in a 1:1 mapping from ilx_ to readable.
They map to the user's view of the underlying ilx identifier.
@@ -264,12 +270,14 @@
both resolve to = as indented.
*** ={user}/own/{other-user}/curies/{iri}=
*** ={user}/own/{other-user}/curies/{prefix}=
*** ={user}/own/{other-user}/ontologies/=
*** ={user}/diff/=
Like =/own/= but instead of resolving to a single version of a term
resolves to a diff of the two terms.
*** ={user}/diff/{other-user}/uris/=
*** ={user}/diff/{other-user}/curies/=

*** ={user}/diff/{other-user}/ontologies/=
* CURIE resolver structure
*NOTE: This section is still highly provisional.*
Since is intended to manage resolvable ontology identifiers

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