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Science Gateway Platform as a service

SciGaP, a Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI) Service builds over Apache Airavata to create Science Gateways.

Popular repositories

  1. AllocateMe to be intended to be contributed into Apache Airavata

    Java 5 2

  2. XSEDE ECSS Project for CILogon authentication for Galaxy.

    PHP 4

  3. Online maptool that provides novel decision-support capabilities for evaluating carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies (CCUS).

    JetBrains MPS 4 1

  4. Kernel Changes

    Python 3 4

  5. IUGateway Public archive

    Software to Empower Gateway to Campus Cyberinfrastructure

    Java 2 3

  6. laravel-pga Public archive

    NOTE: This code is contributed to Apache Airavata, please follow -

    PHP 2


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