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This is a wiki page for collaborative discussions about the EvidX project, including notes.

This is intended as a living document to serve as a detailed record of the work being done (so that we can come back to it after a couple of months have passed and remember clearly what we did), a framework for conceptualizing and organizing our work in a coordinated way and a method of communicating between members of the team.

Here, we will break down the all available material into the following categories:

  • Work Plan (Ongoing active planning for the )
  • Coding Notes (Technical descriptions of environment, experiments, source code, and pipeline)
  • Data (raw, processed, output, etc.)
  • Writing (proposals, papers, presentations, etc.)

All pages pertaining to these items are available from links in the sidebar (→), which means they're visible from every page in the wiki.

Note: if you're uploading report files to the wiki, please add your files to the wiki as shown here:

   git clone
   git add docs
   git commit -am "<COMMENTS>"
   git push
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