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Revert "Earlier versions of rubygems don't support Gem.bin_path"

This change caused a regression with later versions of rubygems.
We'll have to either detect support or not support older rubygems
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1 parent 51be6ba commit c51a96b040c2347bc35d68b4244388c93c157d6f @nilbus nilbus committed Sep 6, 2011
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  1. +1 −1 lib/capistrano/ext/windows_server.rb
2 lib/capistrano/ext/windows_server.rb
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
# We can't run ruby commands directly, because the rake script searches for ruby based on windows paths that aren't valid in this environment
def ruby_cmd(cmd)
- "PATH=\"#{File.dirname ruby_exe_path}:$PATH\" #{ruby_exe_path} -e \"require 'rubygems'; gem '#{cmd}', '>= 0'; load '#{cmd}'\""
+ "PATH=\"#{File.dirname ruby_exe_path}:$PATH\" #{ruby_exe_path} -e \"require 'rubygems'; gem '#{cmd}', '>= 0'; load Gem.bin_path('#{cmd}', '#{cmd}', '>= 0')\""
def rubygems_cmd

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