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0.2.5 (2019-02-25)


  • Fixed Rubocop offenses coming from version 0.60 #125 (by @Shekharrajak)
  • Updated and Contribution Guide #129, #131, #133, #139, #141 (by @Shekharrajak)
  • Removed the duplicate highcharts.css #145 (by @snpd25)
  • [Majaor Fix] Windows installation error fix #147 (by @kojix2 & @Shekharrajak)

0.2.4 (2017-08-29)

Major Enhancements:

  • Added Highstock feature of HighCharts plotting: #89 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Added HighMaps feature of HighCharts plotting: #92 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Added Custom Styling CSS feature of HighCharts plotting: #93 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Exporting HighCharts to different formats: #94 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Added ChartWrapper feature of GoogleCharts: #95 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Import data from google spreadsheet: PR #88 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Added ChartEditor feature of GoogleCharts plotting: #96 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Multiple Charts having different (or same plotting library) in a single row(or in single cell in IRuby notebook): #97 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Different formatters feature of GoogleCharts: #110 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Require dependent JS for the plotting libraries GoogleCharts/HighCharts/DataTables in Rails application.js file: #115 (by @Prakriti-nith)

Minor Enhancements:

  • Exporting charts in PNG formate for GoogleCharts: #98 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Handling Events in GoogleCharts: #100 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Added a method to load dependent scripts for multiple adapters: #107 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Rake Task to add new adapter templates: #112 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • export_html method, generate_html method is implemented and load large set of data piece by piece using datatables adaptor: #104 (by @Prakriti-nith)


  • Fix generate_html method in googlecharts.rb: #84 (by @Prakriti-nith)
  • Update JS files for the libraries: #83 (by @rohitner)
  • Improved the coverage report.
  • Replace shekharrajak with SciRuby: #75 (by @Abhishek-sopho)


0.1.0 (2017-09-20)


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