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NMatrix::BLAS::cblas_rotg needs a rational-safe algorithm, dtype specifier #49

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The BLAS algorithm will not work proplery for Rationals or Integers (due to sqrt call). It's enabled for Rational currently, but will likely throw a Ruby exception (ArgumentError).

cblas_rotg also doesn't have any matrix arguments, so there needs to be some way for the user to specify the correct dtype (:float32 instead of the default :float64, :complex64 instead of the default complex128).

This should set the standard for any other BLAS functions which don't have NMatrix/NVector arguments from which to infer dtype.

@mohawkjohn mohawkjohn referenced this issue from a commit
@mohawkjohn mohawkjohn Added CBLAS function cblas_rotg. Algorithm sucks, won't work properly…
… for Rational due to sqrt. Added negation and std::sqrt for RubyObject and Rational. See also issue #49.
@mohawkjohn mohawkjohn referenced this issue from a commit
@mohawkjohn mohawkjohn Improved cblas_rotg behavior, partially fixing issue #49. Still needs…
… rational-safe algorithm.

Updated History and README with new features

This issue now duplicates #47.

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