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@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ We are not the first with this idea, but we are trying to bring it to life.
Please be aware that SciRuby is in *PRE-ALPHA* status. If you're thinking of using SciRuby to write mission critical code, such as for driving a car or flying a space shuttle, you may wish to choose other software (for now).
+=== A note about repositories
+Most of the work right now is happening in NMatrix. If you want to help out, you should check out either mohawkjohn's or chriswailes' fork of NMatrix, not this one.
+Updates only happen in the main repository when a feature becomes stable. The project activity log may be misleading.
== Features
* SciRuby::Plotter - visualization GUI for updating plots as scripts are modified
@@ -27,10 +33,7 @@ Please be aware that SciRuby is in *PRE-ALPHA* status. If you're thinking of usi
* SciRuby::Analysis - domain-specific language (DSL) for hassle-free statistical analysis (originally from {Statsample}[])
* {Minimization}[] algorithms in pure Ruby and using GSL
* Numeric {integration}[] algorithms
-== Planned Features
-* {Numarray}[] rewrite, including sparse matrices.
+* {NMatrix}[], an experimental linear algebra system for Ruby, with dense and sparse matrices
@@ -47,7 +50,7 @@ Or, inside a Ruby shell,
* statsample (and optionally statsample-optimization)
* distribution
* rubyvis
-* narray
+* nmatrix
* minimization
* integration
* green_shoes

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