Contributor Agreement

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By submitting code to this project:

  1. Contributor certifies that he or she owns the intellectual property to the source code in question, OR that to the best of his or her knowledge, he or she has permission to contribute that source code and has cited the original source of that source code in the comments.
  2. If contributor has received "special permission" to include third party code (e.g., code that is licensed under a BSD-incompatible agreement), contributor certifies either:
    • that the third party authorizes the Ruby Science Foundation as described in (3), or
    • that the circumstances or requirements of the special permission has been carefully documented in comments around the code in question and in the commit message.
  3. Contributor authorizes the Ruby Science Foundation to modify licensing terms as needed to best fulfill Article II (Purpose) of its Proposed Bylaws.

This is written as clearly as possible. Basically, cite your sources regardless. If the code is not under a BSD-compatible agreement, you need special permission to include it and you need to document exactly what the code's author (or copyright holder) is permitting you to do.

Part (3) lets us change the licensing (to an extent). For our part, we promise not to change to a "walled garden" license like the GPL. But if you're concerned about a specific license, please say so in your commit message.