GSoC 2016 Student Application

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  1. Contact information. Please provide your email address, GitHub username, and approximate physical location.

  2. Why do you like Ruby, and why do you want to work on SciRuby?

  3. What do you like about science and why? What area do you like best?

  4. Describe your experience with the following: Ruby, C, C++, other languages.

  5. Describe your educational background (school, degree plan, major, past degrees, research area, publications, etc.).

  6. Have you offered any pull requests for SciRuby or contributed in other ways? Please provide links, if possible. Past contributions are required, and must be in the form of code. Documentation contributions are also beneficial.

  7. What other commitments do you have this summer aside from GSoC? What obstacles do you foresee this summer as far as contributing the full forty hours per week during the GSoC period?

  8. Are you planning any fun vacations this summer?

  9. How many classes are you taking this summer?

  10. Do you have any other employment this summer?

  11. Please talk a bit about any past GSoC projects in which you have participated. If you've done GSoC before, how could we reach your mentor(s)?

  12. Please propose a project you would like to work on. Successful proposals will require advanced planning, communication with the project administrators and mentors, and likely a great deal of research on specific methods for achieving your project goals (e.g., what algorithms will you use? What frameworks?). A good place to start is the Ideas Page. You should also consider lurking on our IRC channel (#sciruby on FreeNode). Participation in listserv discussions is strongly recommended.

  13. Please provide a specific timeline for your project from application period until pencils-down. What benchmarks will you set for yourself? The greater the detail on this question and the previous, the better.

  14. What is one long-term vision for something you'd like scientific software to be able to do. Think big picture, not necessarily realistic in the short term.

  15. What are your hobbies, aside from coding? Tell us a little about yourself that isn't reflected in the rest of your application. What do you want to do with your life (if you have any idea)?

  16. What else do you think we should have asked but didn't? Propose a question of your own and answer it here.

Bonus question: One aim of the Ruby Science Foundation (SciRuby) is to increase diversity in open source science software development. How do we get more women interested in open source software development and science? How do we get more people from underrepresented groups involved?
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