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m2e extension to support certain options from the maven-eclipse-plugin
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Maven M2E maven-eclipse-plugin


Applies POM.xml configuration defined against the maven-eclipse-plugin to m2e eclipse projects. Using this plugin it is possible to define additional eclipse settings in a consistent manner whilst retaining back compatibily with users that do not run eclipse with m2e.

Some common examples for this include:

  • Configuring project specific settings (such as auto-formatting code on save)
  • Applying additional natures to projects (for example the Spring nature)
  • Enabling specific project facets suchs as JSF

(See the samples directory for example projects)

NOTE: maven-eclipse-plugin goals are expected to be executed manually and must not be bound to any lifecycle.

Supported Parameters

The following configuration parameters are supported by this plugin:

  • additionalBuildCommands
  • additionalProjectNatures
  • additionalProjectFacets
  • additionalConfig

For details documentation please see

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