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A tool to identify updates in datasets associated with a specific publication
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Join the chat at A tool to identify updates in datasets associated with a specific publication. For the purpose of this hack day event, we have limited our scope to figshare datasets.

General Hack Day chat on Gitter here:

And specific Gitter room for this project:

Plugin Use

To run the plugin temporarily in Firefox, clone the plugin folder locally, enter "about:debugging" in the Firefox search bar, click "Load Temporary Add-on", then select the "manifest.json" file. At this time the plugin only runs on Firefox.

Case Use Description

As a researcher reading a peer-reviewed article, I want to know if any associated datasets have been updated since the article was published.


Article: A peer-reviewed publication with an assigned CrossRef DOI, and associated bibliographic metadata.

Dataset: For the purpose of this demo, we are focusing on formally archived datasets with an assigned DataCite DOI.

Dataset update: A new version of the dataset that has been formally associated with the original version via an API that can be queried using the dataset DOI.


Scientific Data articles with associated figshare datasets that were updated post-publication

Example 1


Associated dataset:

Has updated version:

And original version:

Example 2


Associated dataset:

Has 5 versions, the latest of which being:

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