PyBossa application to classsify Tweets from a CSV file
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PyBossa application for classifying tweets

This small app shows how you can classify tweets really easily from a CSV file in order to analyze the damage that can be caused by a natural disaster.

This application has three files:

  • for creating the application in PyBossa, and fill it with some tasks.
  • template.html: the view for every task and deal with the data of the answers.
  • tutorial.html: a simple tutorial for the volunteers.

alt screenshot

You can try the application here

Testing the application

You need to install the pybossa-client first (use a virtualenv):

    $ pip install pybossa-client

Then, you can follow the next steps:

  • Create an account in PyBossa
  • Copy under your account profile your API-KEY
  • Run python -u -k API-KEY
  • Open with your browser the Applications section and choose the app. This will open the presenter for this demo application.


We recommend that you read the section: Build with PyBossa and follow the step by step tutorial.

NOTE: This application uses the pybossa-client in order to simplify the development of the application and its usage. Check the documentation.


Please, see the COPYING file.


The thumbnail has been created using a photo from NASA (license CC BY 2.0)