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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Feb 4, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Atmosphere versions.
  • Center the detail window header.
  • Add a size limit to the detail window header so the text doesn't bleed off the screen.
  • Redo error.cpp/h to make adding new errors easier.
  • Properly throw a error if a non 200 HTTP response is received.
  • Clarify curl errors.
  • Fix reboot to Atmosphere code, it should no longer need to cause a console crash.
  • Fixed quite a few spelling errors.
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Feb 1, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed the serious crashing bug in the short lived 3.0.7 release.
  • Using some modified code from hactool Kip Select now pulls both the official kip name and titleid from the physical kip file.
  • NSWreleases.xml has been updated to the latest version.
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Jan 31, 2019
Bump version before release

@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Jan 27, 2019 · 63 commits to master since this release


  • In Atmospheres latest release support for rebooting directly into a payload was added. This tool now leverages this in order to (almost) seamlessly restart back into Atmosphere. In the latest Atmosphere release a file called "/atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin" was added, this file is pretty much a direct copy of fusse_launcher.bin and is necessary for this function to work. After triggering the restart the console will crash, this is normal, press volume up to continue the restart, this seems to be a problem with Atmosphere, as there official example program dose the same thing.
  • In all Instances where the tool works with the SD card the proper prefix "sdmc:/" has been added.
  • Cleared up a few error descriptions, i'm probably going to end up completely refactoring this stuff again.
  • Some preparations have been made to support cfw's other than Atmosphere. Renix support should be trivial as it's built pretty much directly off of Atmosphere, keep a eye out for a beta release in the next few days if you are interested.
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Jan 26, 2019 · 72 commits to master since this release


  • LFS now displays the name of most system titles! Atmospheres integrated patches will no longer show up as numbers.
  • Fixed odd bug in net code that could have caused a console crash.
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Jan 19, 2019 · 80 commits to master since this release


  • You can now download a updated NSWreleases.xml from within the tool. This file gets stored on the root of the SD card. If detected at launch the tool will use it instead of the file bundled in its romfs.
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Jan 12, 2019 · 87 commits to master since this release


  • LFS now edits the correct flag, meaning enabling and disabling LFS items should now work properly.
  • The tool now displays further information about LFS titles, such as there title name, if it can. Currently it dose this by using a bundled NSWreleases.xml, but in the future you will be able to update this file.
  • Fixed a bug where if a titleid folder was named in lowercase the console would crash.
  • Some internal fixes to the makefile to make it easier for others to build the project.
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Jan 11, 2019 · 105 commits to master since this release

I've finally finished it, literately months in the making Kip Select is finally at a point I can release it. If you would like to see all the new feature please check out the project README, I am not going to rehash it all here. I will also be posting this release onto the switch appstore, so please watch for that as it is a much easy way of updating the program.

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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Dec 24, 2018 · 132 commits to master since this release

Beta GFX

The tool has been rebuilt from the ground up to support a new gfx based interface! More information about what has changed as well as all of the new features will be coming in the next month or so when the update is finished, but for now enjoy this working beta release.

Planned Features

A quick list in no particular order of what is planned...

  • A proper loading screen
  • Further kip information including file size and potentially even version
  • Display titlenames for LFS entries instead of titleid's
  • Options menu
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@Sciguy429 Sciguy429 released this Dec 8, 2018 · 368 commits to master since this release

Atmosphere, as of 0.8.2, now stores BCT.ini inside of the /atmosphere/ directory, this release fixes support for versions above 0.8.2, if you are still running a lower version of atmosphere and don't want to update it for some reason, use the last version of this tool (1.2.1) there are no feature changes in this release you would miss out on.

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