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  • In Atmospheres latest release support for rebooting directly into a payload was added. This tool now leverages this in order to (almost) seamlessly restart back into Atmosphere. In the latest Atmosphere release a file called "/atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin" was added, this file is pretty much a direct copy of fusse_launcher.bin and is necessary for this function to work. After triggering the restart the console will crash, this is normal, press volume up to continue the restart, this seems to be a problem with Atmosphere, as there official example program dose the same thing.
  • In all Instances where the tool works with the SD card the proper prefix "sdmc:/" has been added.
  • Cleared up a few error descriptions, i'm probably going to end up completely refactoring this stuff again.
  • Some preparations have been made to support cfw's other than Atmosphere. Renix support should be trivial as it's built pretty much directly off of Atmosphere, keep a eye out for a beta release in the next few days if you are interested.
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