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Parsec is a free software (AGPL v3) aiming at easily share your work and data in the cloud in total privacy thanks to cryptographic security.


Key features:

  • Works as a virtual drive on you computer. You can access and modify all the data stored in Parsec with your regular softwares just like you would on your local hard-drive.
  • Never lose any data. Synchronization with the remote server never destroy any data, hence you can browse data history and recover from any point in time.
  • Client-side cryptographic security. Data and metadata are only visible by you and the ones you choose to share with.
  • Cryptographic signature. Each modification is signed by it author making trivial to identify modifications.
  • Cloud provider agnostic. Server provides connectors for S3 and swift object storage.
  • Simplified enrollment. New user enrollment is simple as sharing a link and a token code.

Installation methods

Windows installer

Windows installers are available at

Linux Snap

Available for Linux through Snapcraft at

Python PIP

Parsec is also available directly through PIP for both Linux and Windows with Python > 3.6 with the command: pip install parsec-cloud (or, if you need to specify Python 3 pip version, pip3 install parsec-cloud)

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