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Ansible playbook to set wifi router
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Ansible wifi router

Wifi router setup playbook based on articles Turn a Raspberry Pi into a WiFi router and Configuring your Onboard Computer as a WiFi Access Point. Thanks for article writers. Only default hostapd package used in this version. It worked with my Ralink RT2870/RT3070 component.

This script is best used in local network. Connect Raspberry Pi with ethernet cable to working router and use this script from the same network.

Scripts are made for Raspbian Jessie, but might also work with other linux distros using APT package manager.


  • You need Raspberry Pi with SSH connection and connection to internet.
  • Add your used SSH key as authorized keys.
  • Copy ./hosts.example to ./hosts and change target IP.
  • Change default variables if needed from group_vars/all.

Make installation

Notice! Last playbook task will reboot target.

ansible-playbook -i hosts provision.yml
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