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ScalaFreesound is a library to query the Freesound audio database ( As the Mootcher API is currently discontinued, this takes an approach based on the FreeSound quark for SuperCollider by Batuhan Bozkurt ( Big thanks to Batuhan!

ScalaFreesound is ©opyright 2010 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License and comes with absolutely no warranties. To contact the author, send an email to contact at

ScalaFreesound requires Scala 2.8 and Java 1.6 to compile, as well as the Curl unix command to execute queries.

sample usage

Welcome to Scala version (Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, Java 1.6.0_20).
Type in expressions to have them evaluated.
Type :help for more information.
scala> import de.sciss.freesound._
import de.sciss.freesound._
scala> val lp = Freesound.login( "<user>", "<pass>" )
lp: de.sciss.freesound.LoginProcess = LoginProcess(<user>)
scala> lp.perform
Trying to log in...
Login was successful.
scala> implicit val l = lp.login.get
l: de.sciss.freesound.Login = Login(<user>)
scala> val smp = Sample(25)
smp: de.sciss.freesound.Sample = Sample(25)
scala> smp.performInfo
Getting info for sample #25...
Info for sample #25 retrieved.
scala> smp.addListener { case Sample.DownloadProgress( p ) => println( "P = " + p + "%" )}
res2: de.sciss.freesound.Model.Listener = <function1>
scala> smp.performDownload
Downloading sample #25...
P = 0%
P = 1%
P = 2%
P = 98%
P = 100%
Sample #25 downloaded (/private/var/folders/Dt/DtvfRgm6FGaibyjzjqE6OE+++TI/-Tmp-/25__Anton__Glass_C_mf.wav).
scala> val s = SearchOptions( "Helicopter" ))
s: de.sciss.freesound.Search = Search(SearchOptions(keyword = "Helicopter", descriptions = true, tags = true, fileNames = false, userNames = false, minDuration = 1, maxDuration = 20, order = 1, maxItems = 100))
scala> s.perform
Performing search...
Search was successful (45 samples found).
scala> val smps = s.samples.get
smps: scala.collection.immutable.IndexedSeq[de.sciss.freesound.Sample] = Vector(Sample(23289), Sample(12659), Sample(23288), Sample(39865), Sample(8135), Sample(25951), Sample(23287), Sample(7033), Sample(7034), Sample(7536), Sample(7533), Sample(7538), Sample(7535), Sample(41729), Sample(48561), Sample(41004), Sample(49482), Sample(7534), Sample(5668), Sample(19443), Sample(5469), Sample(69607), Sample(38123), Sample(94867), Sample(69609), Sample(78889), Sample(65457), Sample(69608), Sample(48559), Sample(34941), Sample(50608), Sample(48564), Sample(46803), Sample(93076), Sample(48563), Sample(48562), Sample(76553), Sample(88464), Sample(48560), Sample(71045), Sample(43027), Sample(47167), Sample(81510), Sample(98116), Sample(100150))
scala> val x = smps(0)
x: de.sciss.freesound.Sample = Sample(23289)
scala> x.performInfo
Getting info for sample #23289...
Info for sample #23289 retrieved.
scala> val i =
i: de.sciss.freesound.SampleInfo = SampleInfo(23289, Resocopter Fast.aif)
scala> i.duration
res6: Double = 18.0
scala> i.sampleRate
res7: Double = 44100.0
scala> i.descriptions.head.text
res8: String = a digital representation of the blades of a helicopter rotating at a fast speed

known issues

There is currently a problem with Scala 2.8 actors that makes them “starve” very easily when using blocking methods such as the downloads of ScalaFreesound. The workaround is to set a specific system property prior using downloading:

System.setProperty( "actors.enableForkJoin", "false" )