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Wolkenpumpe is a live improvisation interface based on ScalaCollider / SoundProcesses / Prefuse. It is (C)opyright 2008–2017 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. Wolkenpumpe is released under the GNU General Public License and comes with absolutely no warranties. To contact the author, send an email to contact at

This is Wolkenpumpe 6th generation. Generation 5 was based on the old non-tracing Sound Processes version. Generation 4 was based on SuperCollider and SwingOSC, see Generation 3 was solely based on SuperCollider. Generation 1 or 2 was based on Max/MSP.



Builds with sbt 0.13 against Scala 2.12, 2.11, 2.10.


"de.sciss" %% "wolkenpumpe" % v

The current version v is "2.13.1".


Please see the file for details.

mouse control

  • wheel zooms
  • right-click auto zooms
  • shift-press starts rubber-band selection
  • double-click on panel brings up generator dialog
  • double-click on edge brings up filter insertion dialog
  • double-click on scan-out brings up filter append dialog
  • double-click on node fixes/unfixes position
  • alt-click on node deletes node
  • shift-drag from scan-out brings up connector rubber-band
  • shift-drag on parameter allows to find target value before releasing mouse

keyboard shortcuts


  • 1 zoom 100%
  • 2 zoom 200%
  • O pan to next collector (O is for output)
  • Control-Shift-F toggle full-screen
  • Escape cancel on-screen dialogs
  • Enter new-generator prompt


  • Control-Enter commit


  • custom filter insertion short-cuts via object attribute Nuages.KeyShortcut
  • Enter new-filter append prompt
  • Shift-Enter new-collector append prompt


  • Enter new-filter insertion prompt

Parameter values:

  • n minimum
  • c center
  • x maximum. If parameter is amp or gain: type twice fast
  • r random. If parameter is amp or gain: type twice fast
  • R multi-channel random. If parameter is amp or gain: type twice fast
  • [ decrement
  • ] increment
  • { decrement random inter-channel spread
  • } increment random inter-channel spread