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This SFAF repository is a collection of tools for processing MCEB Pub 7 or SFAF data files.

  • Parses a SFAF file parameter into an array Python dictionaries using a CSV configuration file for mapping SFAF record types.
  • Uses and to parse a SFAF file and transform the results into DDL and DML configured by pystache moustache templates

These SFAF tools demonstrates the concept of Convention over Configuration over Code design approach through the use of JSON, CSV, and Templating.
Like the Spring Configuration over Codeapproach, this approach focuses on externalizing all configuration outside of code to reuse/redeploy using configuration only.
In addtion, like the Convention over Configuration design approach, there is only a loose coupling between code structure and configuration.


Pystache is a Python implementation of the logic-less string template library Moustache (
The local 'sfaf' repository version is a fork of the original

Pystache extensions:

  • New operator {{%obj}} implies an infix separator which is a property of the obj (e.g. obj.separator)
  • The new separator property allows easy comma seprated lists. {{%cols}}{{.}}{{/cols}} will produce something like col1,col2,col3
  • New {{>obj}} Object Specialization behavior which leverages Python Classes to dynamically lookup class associated template files.
  • For example {{%cols}}{{>column}}{{/cols}} will dynamically lookup subclasses of the Column python class

SFAF2DB uses a Python dictionary mapping tool py2sql with a modified version of
pystache to map a SFAF file to a configurable database SQL script.

Database configuration is done though a .json file and a pystache configuration directory.
The pystache directory has two subdirectories:

  1. ./ddl contains Data Definition Language templates
  2. ./dml contains Data Manipulation Language templates

New DB Configuration

To create a new DB configuration, copy an existing DB configuration directory
and modify the DDL and DML for your target database.


This example demonstrates the usage of sfaf2db targeting 'SQLite' database.

python --dbconf=mcebpub7 ../../data/sfaf_sample_byfreq.txt > sqlite.sql

This uses the default MCEB CSV configuration file:


Pass in a '--format=' option to change the format file.


Contents of mcebpub7.json

"array_subtables" : true,
"dbdir" : "./sqlite",
"array_template": "list_{{name}}"

Creating SQLite database

sqlite3 sfaf < sqlite.sql