Unleash the power of Azure Service Fabric with Sewing Machine
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Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine is a library extending capabilities of Azure Service Fabric services in various ways. It's focused on speed and performance, but also aims at delivering more capabilities build on top of the powerful Service Fabric foundations.

The journey

The Sewing Machine project in its current phase is a journey project. There are a few aims to achive, but still, depending on various conditions this project might be ended in any point of time. This is a subject to change. More about the reasoning behind it can be found in this blog post.


The following points can be considered as a some kind of roadmap

  1. better (low lvl) wrap around KeyValueStoreReplica providing raw access to the underying storage
  2. unit of work with pre commit hooks
  3. a messaging infrastructure allowing to send a message from a stateful service to a stateful service in a transactional way


Graph designed by Bakunetsu Kaito from The Noun Project