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We create great software for great communities ✨


Building innovative solutions for you and your community

Who we are

Hi! We are a small software developer team from Munich in Germany. We love creating new, innovative and user-focused software solutions. We focus on our customers instead of maximizing profit and love our community.

Some projects

Feel free to check out our website to learn about our current main projects, but here are some that could be interesting for you:
  • SCNX: Create your very own Discord-Bot and more for your community (only german currently)
    • The code of the CustomBot (the bot you can configure and host for free) can be found here on GitHub.
  • Currently we are not able to publish more of our projects - but we'd love to - as we can't finance the infrastructural costs of our services right now.

Currently, our official Dev-Team only consists of me, @SCDerox, hii 👋
Just some short words about me: I am a student from germany who runs this company as a side business and loses money on it, but I really enjoy doing stuff like this and working on new things ^^

Support us

As mentioned above I actively lose money on projects like this, so feel free to contribute by buying Credits (currency to upgrade your plan in SCNX) or support us more directly on Patreon.

Our Tech-Stacks

We have published most of our Tech-Stacks on stackshare - feel free to check them out!


Feel free to join our Discord-Server and ask, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.\ 💡 Important: If you have any questions with any of our open-source-repositorys, please create an issue in it or use discussions as we can't provide support for them on our Discord.

Thanks and have a nice day 💕


  1. CustomDCBot CustomDCBot Public

    Create your own discord bot - Fully customizable and with a lot of features

    JavaScript 37 28

  2. paysafecard paysafecard Public

    Forked from pieczorx/PaySafeCard

    Unofficial PaySafeCard Node.js wrapper

    JavaScript 1


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