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2018 FRC RobotCode - Scorps6934
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2018 FRC RobotCode - Scorps6934

Robot updated with javadoc code: here

Changelog from version used during 2018 season:

  • cleaned up dumb spacing in that I did that I thought made it look cleaner but was really just obnoxious
  • removed (most) useless and unused commented lines
  • removed forward(), leftTurn(), and rightTurn() from because they're the same thing as commands that are already properly implemented
  • added Java doc description for class and each method
  • removed arm hold method
  • removed unnecessary S_arm object
  • fixed command instance names that sucked
  • removed loud object

  • Cleaned up dumb spacing
  • Edited overly specific comments
  • added javadoc explaination


  • Renamed S_arm to S_gripper (updated uses as well)
  • Renamed S_RealArm to S_arm (updated uses as well)
  • cleaned up dumb spacing


  • CommandBase: renamed subsystem names
  • cleaned various spacing issues
  • cleaned up autonomous program spacing/unused&commented commands
  • changed casing on instances of subsystems in the commandBase: sgrip->sGrip, swheel -> sWheel, etc.
  • added require() to command constructors that previously lacked them
  • renamed arrm to toggle gripper
  • renamed buttonThingyMabobber to leftTurn- shoutouts to Justin


  • add javadoc for the rest of subsystems and commands (forrward and on)
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