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Client Side Encrypted Backups

Easy to use and zero chance of corruption.


There are a number of encrypted backup programs available, however most can't prevent the occasional creation of a corrupt backup. Client-Side-Encrypted-Backups always produces reliable backups. Since corruption is not possible with Client-Side-Encrypted-Backups, only one full backup is needed (the first time that you do a backup).


  • A computer running Linux
  • Access to a SFTP server (in the cloud, at your office, at your place, anywhere). This is where your backups will be stored.

To Backup

user:~$ backup no-label|label-name


user:~$ backup no-label
user:~$ backup secrets-of-the-world

Examples of what the backup will be named on the server


To Restore

user:~$ restore name-of-backup


user:~$ restore hp-desktop**2019-03-21__12:28am
user:~$ restore hp-desktop**secrets-of-the-world**2019-03-21__12:28am


  1. Clone the repo
  2. cd Client-Side-Encrypted-Backups
  3. sudo ./ (Note: 'sudo' is required because all built binaries are copied to /usr/local/bin)

Setup Instructions

  1. Enter your information in config files [1] - [4], which are located in- $HOME/.cloudbuddy/input
    Note: leave config files [5] - [7] blank for this step
  2. Do a backup (see the To Backup section above for usage). It will ask you if you approve of the files that will go into the backup. If you see a file that you don't want to be in the backup, follow these steps:
    • select: Do not continue with the backup
    • add it to one of these config files: [5], [6] or [7]
    • run again


  • If you don't want to be prompted for your SFTP password every time that you do a backup (or a restore), then you can setup SSH public-key authentication.
  • A log containing all files that you have backed up is located here: $HOME/.cloudbuddy/log/completed_backups
  • By default, the first backup is a full backup and every future one thereafter is incremental.
  • ccrypt provides the encryption for Client-Side-Encrypted-Backups.
  • (Ignore this section unless you want to alter the default behavior of Client-Side-Encrypted-Backups for some specific reason). Files that are created or modified after the timestamp on the timeStampMarker file will go into your backup as per your config file 1 minus config files 5-7 settings. Some examples below change the timestamp on the timeStampMarker file.
	# If you'd like a file to be in your next backup that hasn't changed since the previous backup
	# you can include it by refreshing it's timestamp
	touch path/file-name
	# set the timestamp of the timeStampMarker file to Epoch ()
	touch --date=@0 $HOME/.cloudbuddy/input/timeStampMarker

	# set the timestamp of the timeStampMarker file to 10pm on 1/1/2000
	touch -d "01 Jan 2000 20:00:00" $HOME/.cloudbuddy/input/timeStampMarker

	# set the timestamp of the timeStampMarker file to 12:30am on 3/27/2018
	touch -d "27 Mar 2018 00:30:00" $HOME/.cloudbuddy/input/timeStampMarker


Client Side Encrypted Backups - easy to use and zero chance of corruption.




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