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Interaction Framework (IxF)

Version: 1.1.3

IxF is an open web framework used to quickly build out web application interfaces by having a good and consistent style, commonly used widgets, and an easy way to implement those widgets right out of the box. The goal of IxF is to make development and prototyping faster, to ensure best practices in UI design, and to ultimately make the user experience better.

Start Using IxF

Start using IxF in a project by downloading the KickStart.
Notice that the HTML tags have specific classes

Documentation & Demo

The IxF website uses IxF to demo and document the functionality.

Repo Organization

The build directory contains all of the source code and build script for IxF. All other directories and files (other than, LICENSE, and NOTICE files) are for the website/demo.

Building IxF

  • Install Node.js.
  • Check out the master branch of IxF from github.
  • Look at build/build.js and make sure you understand what the build does. It concatenates the files (except jquery.js and jquery-ui.js) in build/scripts/lib into build/scripts/ixf-plugins.js. It compresses build/scripts/ixf-utilities.js and build/scripts/ixf-plugins.js into build/scripts/ixf-.min.js. It copies build/scripts/.js, build/scripts/3plib/jquery.min.js, build/styles/, and build/images/ to ixf/. It creates a downloads/ file containing build/kickstart/* and ixf/*.
  • If you are doing a new release, modify the versionNumber in build/build.js (line 8).
  • In a terminal or command prompt, cd to the build directory.
  • Run "node build.js".
  • Notice that the ixf directory is updated and the downloads/ixf-kickstart*.zip file has been generated.
  • Merge the changes in the ixf directory from the "master" branch to the "gh-pages" branch so that the website will use the latest build.

Running the IxF Website Locally

  • Install Jekkyl
  • In a terminal or command prompt, change to the directory where your IxF repo is installed.
  • Run "jekyll --server" command.
  • Open a browser window to http://localhost:4000

Updating Documentation

  • Commit changes to the "gh-pages" branch.
  • When a new version of IxF is released, update index.html, intro/changelog.html, and intro/kickstart.html.
  • Merge changes in the ixf directory from the "master" branch to the "gh-pages" branch.