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== Welcome to ProgressPuppy

ProgressPuppy is yet another task manager. It is intended to be hosted as a single-user application and therefore does not include any bells and whistles such as web-based authentication, although to enforce some privacy I personally use http auth on my own deployed version of it. 

*** This version of ProgressPuppy (the one on GitHub) is a rewrite from scratch and will probably be quite broken for the next few weeks while I find the time to complete it ***

Tasks can be categorized, and task creation uses the typical DHTML and Ajax techniques to work smoothly.

Task priority assignment is influenced by the Franklin Planner system, where tasks are given a ranking from A (must get done today) to C (non-urgent, "wish list" tasks). There is also a randomized "quote of the day" displayed at the top of each page to provide for some regular inspiration.

If you find this web app useful, I'd be happy to hear from you, and you are encouraged to fork and work on your own version of it. The workflow and features of ProgressPuppy are optimized to the way I like to work with it, and as such I'm unlikely to implement outside freature requests, but feedback is always welcome. To avoid having your email mistaken for spam please mention ProgressPuppy somewhere in the subject line.

Share and enjoy,

Scott Garman