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Let's Encrypt Revocation Event
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Let's Encrypt Revocation Event, for full details see my blog.

I'm also keeping a Twitter thread up to date with information.

The purpose of this project is to scan all hosts that may be affected and identify who still needs to replace a certificate due for imminent revocation at 2020-03-04 20:00 UTC (3:00pm US EST).

The file log.txt contains a list of all hosts that are affected and is derived from the official list provided by Let's Encrypt. The file can be found here.

The file need-renewing.txt is the result of my crawler scanning those hosts to see which are still using certificates that are due to be revoked and thus need replacing ASAP. I will only scan a site (eTLD+1) once in order to scan more quickly. As a result, not all of your hostnames will show here if you are affected.

In the results folder are country based lists of hosts that are still affected. The hope is that individuals will choose a list and work to notify hosts on that list that they need to take action.

If you'd like to pick up a list please leave a comment on this bug so that we don't double up on lists and spam organisations with notifications.

The data on the lists will be updated at regular intervals throughout the day. If a host is on the list they definitely need to take action!

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