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ember-cookie-monster is a simple cookie reader service with a playful api that lets you data bind to cookie values in your ember applications for sticky attributes for repeat visitors.


npm install ember-cookie-monster --save-dev


On init, ember-cookie-monster reads all of your cookies once and caches them into an object called cookies. This object acts like simple key/value store for all of your cookies. To access, simply inject the service into a controller or component.

// app/componets/awesome-cookies.js

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  // Inject the service.
  cookieMonster: Ember.inject.service(),
  // If you think cookieMonster is too long a name,
  // you can use something like this:
  // cm: Ember.inject.service('cookieMonster')

  // bind an attribute to a cached cookie value
  isAwesome: Ember.computed.reads('cookieMonster.cookies.isAwesome'),
  // note, this binding is one way and will not update the cookie
  // if you change it programatically

  linkText: Ember.computed('cookieMonster.cookies.ab_link_text', function() {
    var abVariant = this.get('cookieMonster.cookies.ab_link_text');
    if (abVariant === 'version1') {
      return "You won't believe what happens when you click HERE!";
    } else {
      return "If you click here THIS will happen to you!";

  allCookies: Ember.computed('cookieMonster.cookies', function() {
    return JSON.stringify(this.get('cookieMonster.cookies'));

and then in your template:

{{!-- /templates/components/awesome-cookies.hbs --}}

{{#if isAwesome}}

{{link-to linkText 'awesome-article'}}

<h4>Here are all of your cookies if you were curious</h4>


ember-cookie-monster provides some helper functions for getting, setting, and erasing cookies:

Read a cookie value:

(NOTE: this is functionally identical to calling this.get('cookieMonster.cookies.cookie-value'))

var cookieValue = this.get('cookieMonster').eat('cookie-value');
// does not touch or parse `document.cookie`!

#.bake(key, value, days)

Set a cookie value for an optional amount of days:
  cookieMonster: Ember.inject.service(),
  actions: {
    rememberUserPreference: function(preference, value, days) {
      // remember user preference for 10 days
      // sets the cookie expiration date for 10 days in the future
      var days = 10;
      this.get('cookieMonster').bake(preference, value, days)


Erase a cookie value:
  cookieMonster: Ember.inject.service(),
  actions: {
    logout: function() {
      // expires the cookie and null out the value in `cookieMonster.cookies`

Possible Usage

  • A/B testing
  • User login preferences
  • Remembering preferences
  • Any conditional logic that requires reading and parsing document.cookie.