Web technologies, in brick form!
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Logo Bricks

Web technologies, in brick form!

Instructions and models

You can find the XML model files in the models folder of this repo, and instructions in PDF format in the instructions folder.

Obtaining the bricks

In order to build your logo, you're going to need to buy some bricks. You can find the required files in the models folder of this repository.

Once you have the required model file, you need to place an order with a brick supplier, we've found BrickLink to be a really good site for finding suppliers and sellers. As BrickLink is a marketplace for multiple sellers the interface and terminology can be a bit confusing for first-time users. The following instructions lead you through the steps to find a seller and place an order. In this example, we found a supplier for the JS logo for just £1.88.

To order your bricks, sign up for a BrickLink account, then upload a Wanted List using one of our model files:

wanted list

The model files in this repo are supplied as BrickLink XML files, so you need to select the Upload BrickLink XML format option. We also recommend creating a new wanted list, otherwise the parts get added to your default list. Copy and paste the XML into the input field:

upload wanted list

Click Proceed to verify items to verify your parts:

verify items

Once verified, you have your own wanted list. To buy them, click that big green 'Buy All' button:

buy all

BrickLink will search for suppliers worldwide, as this is a relatively small order, you might want to filter to only include suppliers within your own country:

find supplier

Selecting a supplier results in a cart being created:

create cart

Following this, it's a pretty standard checkout process.

Designing your own logos

Here are some simple notes that help you design, build and share your own logos. Feel free to create a pull request if you'd like your creation added to the site.

  • We use the mecabricks 3D designed to create the logos.
  • In order to share them, you need to make your creation public. Go to you library page, double-click on one of your models, and under properties select Open to the public
  • Save this, then look under the Links tab to find a unique URL for your model
  • To obtain the bricklink XML file, navigate to this public URL, then select the INVENTORY tab underneath the 3D rendering.