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Code Stream

Code Stream is an app designed and built by Scott Slatton and Scott Denton as a 4 day partner project.

Prior to a user signing up or logging in, the app shows the 20 most popular science and technology live streams currently on Twitch.

A user is able to select any of the live streams from the list below the main Jumbotron. If a user clicks on one of the cards that live stream will move to the main Jumbotron.

If a user wishes to see more from a certain streamer they can click on their Username and will be taken to a page showing all of that streamers recent videos.

Once a user is logged in they are able to 'follow' a streamer. This will cause the home page to update and show that streamers videos underneath the top live streams, including both live videos and archive videos.

The back end for this project was created with Ruby/Rails and the repo can be found here


An app designed to help promote science and technology related streams (from Twitch)






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