A version of Decode made for Ghost.
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Decode for Ghost

Download the latest release for Ghost here.


A minimal, modern theme, designed to be mobile first and very responsive, Decode is built just for Ghost and uses Ghost's innovative features to present a beautiful and clean blog.

Please open an issue here on GitHub if you have any suggestions or problems with the theme.

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Scott Smith - Released under The MIT License.

Compiling the CSS

  1. Change into the root directory of the theme

    cd $GhostDir/content/themes/Decoded-for-Ghost/

  2. Install dependencies for npm

    npm install

  3. Run Gulp

    gulp build

  4. Restart Ghost

    cd $GhostDir && npm start --production

  5. Profit.

Additional Notes

Syntax highlighting is not supported by Decode, but you can easily inject prism, or highlightjs using the code injection tab. Consider using their respective cdn's