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; PRES-MODE for Emacs... Tool for really minimalistic presentations
; 2014, Mark Burger
; For details on usage, use C-h f pres-mode
(defun pres-output()
(let ( (fmt (downcase (aref (nth pres-i pres-presentation) 0)))
(txt (aref (nth pres-i pres-presentation) 1))
(func nil)
(r 0)
; When first char in the fmt elemnt is "c", clear the buffer...
(when (> (length fmt) 0)
(when (string= (substring fmt 0 1) "c") (erase-buffer) )
(insert fmt)
(goto-char 0)
(setq r (re-search-forward ".*h\\(.\\)" nil t))
( (not r) (setq func (lambda () (insert (propertize
(concat "* " txt) 'face '(:height 180)))) ) )
( (string= (match-string 1) "1") (setq func (lambda ()
(insert (propertize txt 'face
'(:height 300 :family "Arial" )))) ) )
( (string= (match-string 1) "2") (setq func (lambda ()
(insert (propertize txt 'face
'(:height 260 :family "Arial" )))) ) )
; Get outta the temp buffer and do our business...
(when (functionp func) (funcall func))
(insert "\n")
(defun pres-advance ()
"Increment the presentation index, and present from pres-presentation list.
Usually defined as SPACE."
(message (concat (number-to-string pres-i ) " / "
(number-to-string (- (length pres-presentation) 1))) )
( (< pres-i (length pres-presentation))
(progn (pres-output)(setq pres-i (+ 1 pres-i))) )
( t (message "End.") )
(defun pres-mode ()
"Start up pres-mode. Requires a data structure defined
called pres-presentation where the first element of
pres-presentation is a string and the remaining elements
are arrays. These arrays should have two elements-- each
strings. First element is the format, and the second element
is the content. If the format begins with a 'c', the screen
is cleared. If it contains h1 or h2, a heading face is used,
if supported. When running, press SPACE to advance presentation.
An example presentation would look like this--
\(setq pres-presentation
\"Example Presentation\"
[\"ch1\" \"Example\"]
[\"h2\" \"Ex2\"]
[\"\" \"Ex3\"]
[\"c\" \"Ex4\"]
(setq pres-i 1)
( (not (boundp 'pres-presentation))
(message (concat "List pres-presentation missing... "
"see C-h f pres-mode for details.")) )
( t (progn (switch-to-buffer (nth 0 pres-presentation) )
(local-set-key (kbd "SPC") 'pres-advance) ) )