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SiteSpect QA

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Chrome extension to simplify QA process while working with SiteSpect. Awesome for fast variation switching in preview sessions without having to switch tabs or copying preview links.

  • One click variation switching in experiements and personalization
  • Listing all counted tracking events
  • Test draft variations
  • The stats stay fine. While using the extension, no stats are generated and no events are recorded.
  • DevTools Extension



Extension permissions

This extension needs to be able to access all URLs because of all individual website URLs and custom SiteSpect admin URL, which are not known during packing the extension. Not satisfied with the 'Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit'? Build your own one in some simple steps:

  1. Clone (or fork) this repository
  2. Open the Terminal, navigate to the repository directory and run npm i needs node installed
  3. Open the public/manifest.json and make two changes:
    • "name"
      change the name field to something unique, like including your company
    • "permissions"
      delete the "<all_urls>" permission and add all your websites AND your SiteSpect admin URL with wildcard
    • see the example below
  4. run npm run pack, this generates an in the repo root folder
  5. Upload the to the chrome web store - you need a Google developer account for this (free)
  6. In the publish form at the Visibility options (very bottom) select the Unlisted option to make it invisible for public users. You then can share the link within your company.
  7. Hit Publish - done. (It may take Google up to one hour, to publish).

NOTE: for now only macOS and Linux are supported, for building.

Example changes for your manifest.json

Note the wildcards * in the URLs.

  // ...
  "name": "Awesome Corp. - SiteSpect QA",

  "permissions": [
  // ...



Chrome extension for SiteSpect - fast variation switching and event tracking




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