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The concept of this prototype is imitating the shape of fish skeleton but at the same time add the value of streamline shape.

I use PE foam for the hull since it is easy to be shaped. Bearing were added in the control system in order to reduce the friction of cable during sliding.

The prototype is not finished because of the lack of time. Weak frame is the main problem in this prototype. I try to change the shape of the frame and centreboard in order to reduce the hardness of frame and let the hull shift easily. But the result is the more flexible of hull, the more difficult of control. Another problem of the flexible frame is the boat would be influenced by the current easily in the water.

Calculation should be done before model making as i found the position of gearbox and bearing are wrong. Also, the bending performance were bad as well. More preparation should be done in next time





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See Protei-10.6.4

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