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Protei Mini-RC "Sputnik" is a remotely controlled (radio) modular sailing robot. The design is aimed at being easy to make in most makerspace, low cost, easily extendable. This is NOT a high-performance device and not fit for long-term navigation in the open ocean. This is a small prototype to get acquainted with Protei Shape-Shifting sailing technology, and a fun platform to experiment. If you already own a RC kit (receiver + transmitter) Protei Mini-RC "Sputnik" with 4 modules should definitely cost under 100 USD to build (in San Francisco).

Special thanks to Autodesk Foundation, Pier 9 and Instructables.


More information can be found on its Instructables



The key concept of Protei Sputnik is modularity. Inspired by the Soviet and first-ever satellite, Protei Sputnik is about a new beginning, an impulse.

Simple & Affordable

Protei Sputnik can be made with affordable materials and by non-professionals.

0, 90, 180 Degrees

We tested Protei Sputnik with 4 modules, capable of turning at 90º. To make a 180º turn, we would need 7 modules.


2 3




We do not recommend you to build this specific version of Protei as it does not sail very well but you can find instructions on its Instructables.

The truth about developing a new technology is that on the way to have something that works, you produce a lot that doesn't. The Instructables contains all the details of this prototype- what worked, what did not and what we intend to improve. We would love to have your comments!

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