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from io import StringIO
import contextlib
import sys
import time
import subprocess
import webbrowser
from codelab_adapter.core_extension import Extension
from codelab_adapter.utils import verify_token
from codelab_adapter.settings import TOKEN
# 安全性原则: 打开这个插件前,提醒社区用户确认积木中没有危险的Python代码, 允许社区成员举报危险代码
# 在EIM中运行Python代码,通用
class PyHelper:
def open_url(self, url):
def mac_open(self, path):
open_cmd = "/usr/bin/open" # which open"{open_cmd} {path}", shell=True)
class PythonKernelExtension(Extension):
def __init__(self):
self.EXTENSION_ID = "eim/python"
self.PyHelper = PyHelper()
def stdoutIO(self, stdout=None):
old = sys.stdout
if stdout is None:
stdout = StringIO()
sys.stdout = stdout
yield stdout
sys.stdout = old
def extension_message_handle(self, topic, payload):
''''python code: {payload["content"]}')
message_id = payload.get("message_id")
python_code = payload["content"]
# 出于安全考虑, 放弃使用exec,如果需要,可以自行下载exec版本
# eval(expression, globals=None, locals=None)
# 如果只是调用(插件指责)可以使用json-rpc
output = eval(python_code, {"__builtins__": None}, {
"PyHelper": self.PyHelper,
except Exception as e:
output = e
payload["content"] = str(output)
message = {"payload": payload} # 无论是否有message_id都返回
def run(self):
while self._running:
export = PythonKernelExtension
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