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Scratch Addons

All-in-one browser extension for Scratch.

Scratch Addons

Scratch Addons logo Scratch Addons combines new and existing features and themes for the Scratch website and project editor into one easy-to-access and configurable browser extension. The mission is to provide a centralized, up-to-date platform for community development of new features and themes for Scratch.
Scratch Addons is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with the Scratch website or the organizations that maintain it.
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🔧 Browser extension

GitHub repository: ScratchAddons/ScratchAddons | README | Issues | Pull requests | Discussions
Useful links for contributors: Non-triaged issues | PRs without any assignees | PRs that need review | Issues assigned to me | PRs assigned to me | PRs awaiting review from me | CODEOWNERS file

Install extension: Chrome Web Store | Add-ons for Firefox | Microsoft Edge Add-ons | Installing from source

Ongoing and planned work: "What's Happening?" board | Milestones | Recently merged PRs | Changelog

Relevant links: Developer docs | Translating Scratch Addons | FAQ | Scratch forum posts by SA users | List of addons

Related GitHub repositories: l10n-script | manifest-schema | packer-script | extension-store-description-tool | list-of-enabled-addons

🌐 Website

GitHub repository: ScratchAddons/website-v2 | README | Issues | Pull requests | Discussions | Wiki

Website available at:,

Relevant links: Website analytics | Help-wanted issues

Related GitHub repositories: website-i18n | website-v2-script


  1. All-in-one browser extension for Scratch.

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  2. website-v2 Public

    The website for Scratch Addons. (version 2)

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