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Scratch Addons v1.1.1

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@WorldLanguages WorldLanguages released this 10 Oct 17:59
· 2598 commits to master since this release

Note: v1.1.0 was sent to extension stores, but didn't reach any users. See #456 for more information.


  • Bug fixes
  • New theme: Scratch 2.0 → Scratch 3.0
  • New addon: forums search
  • New addon: search profile
  • New addon: 60FPS player mode
  • New addon: better emojis
  • New addon: cloud games
  • New theme: display stage on left side
  • Automatically update themes (no refresh needed)
  • Fix slow project performance if no feature with a "hurts performance" warning is enabled

Addon development changes:

  • New manifest fields: "traps", "warning"
  • "runAtComplete": false can now happen even if there's no <body> element yet. The default value is still true, and those userscripts are run when the window load event triggers
  • Userstyles are now injected very rapidly to avoid flickering
  • Theme userstyles are now always injected after non-theme userstyles
  • Addon settings can now be of type "color"
  • Access to "string", "select", "positive_integer" and "color" settings via CSS variables

Open source project related changes:

  • Links to "credits" and "review" pages on settings page.

Detailed Changelog

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  • 60fps (#383)
  • Better emojis (#402)
  • Cloud games (#407)
  • Display stage on left side (#376)
  • Forum Search (#363)
  • Scratch 2.0 → 3.0 (theme) (#359)
  • Search profile (#405)

Extension and Addon API

  • Access to addon settings via CSS variables (#439)
  • Color input on settings (#400)
  • General CSS around tabs in popup (#411)
  • New links to credits and review pages (#414)
  • Uninstall page (#437)
  • Warnings, mainly to warn lags for addons that use (6a222c0)



  • Bitmap images copying: Add note to clear up confusion (#454)
  • Cloud games: Add new scrollbar to cloud games (#412)
  • Display stage on left side: Add warning
  • Editor dark mode: Affect password input (#440)
  • Editor dark mode: Change var(--text) to white on 3.Darker so that text is more readable
  • Editor dark mode: Decrease font-weight from 800 to 700
  • Editor dark mode: Don't inject dark mode into the remix tree (#420)
  • Editor dark mode: Don't style scratch 3.0 search bar (#420)
  • Editor dark mode: Remove a border that shouldn't be in 3.Dark and 3.Darker
  • Image uploader: Slight updates (#371)
  • Scratch Messaging: Make reply textbox more like Scratch (#375)
  • Show full areas: Add expand button instead of all full signatures (#330)
  • Show full areas: Clean signature expand button (#384)
  • Show full areas: Cleaner expand signature
  • Show full areas: Complete refactor of expand signature
  • Update tags and addon names (#422)

Extension and Addon API

  • Ability to inject userstyles when the page starts loading (#328)
  • Automatically update themes when changing settings (#252)
  • Change end lines from CRLF to LF (#367)
  • Change search to 150px (#378)
  • Do not load traps unless addons that use them are enabled (#403)
  • Hide settings page until it is loaded (0b3392c)
  • Make better variable name (#446)
  • Make sure the head loaded before injecting userstyles (#408)
  • Run userscripts earlier, when the window load event triggers (#429)
  • Use webRequest instead of webNavigation (#457)


Extension and Addon API

  • "Changed by [line of code]" console logs (#419)



  • Scratch Messaging: Fix link to studio comments (#356)
  • Scratch Messaging: Ignore Set-Cookie inside comment endpoint (#331)
  • Scratch Notifier: Fix studio comments don't notify with the full comment content

Extension and Addon API

  • Fix Vue warns (#355)
  • Fix bug in URL/pattern matcher when addon runs if manifest has no trailing slash (#332)
  • Fix messageForAllTabs() not working properly in Firefox (#386)
  • Fix modifying "select" setting not disabled if addon disabled (#353)