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Scratch Addons v1.3.0

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@WorldLanguages WorldLanguages released this 07 Nov 19:15
· 2769 commits to master since this release
  • Project performance problems fixed - performance warnings removed (#431)
  • "Highlight currently executing blocks" does not hurt performance/lag anymore (#336)
  • New SVG icons instead of emojis in the extension popup and Scratch Notifier notifications (#617)
  • Settings page: new "more settings" button and theme switch in the top right
  • New addon: thumbnail setter (enabled by default for all users)
  • New addon: resizable comment input (enabled by default for all users)
  • Old addons now enabled for all users: 60FPS player mode (alt+click green flag), studio manager tools, full areas
  • New addon: pause button (beta)
  • New addon: live featured project
  • New setting on Scratch Notifier addon: sound notification
  • Full areas: new "load more" button on "What I've been doing"
  • Fix remix tree button not working
  • Fix inaccurate number of projects in a studio (show exact count addon)
  • Fix wrong row titles in show exact count addon
  • Dark mode fixes (#656, #658)

Addon development changes:

  • API traps removed to fix performance issues (except Scratch VM object). In the future, we'll discuss how future addons should implement traps
  • Ability to use icons within setting names
  • Ability to mark a theme userstyle as non-updatable with /* sa-autoupdate-theme-ignore */
  • Fix console.log sometimes not working (bug caused by Scratch, not Scratch Addons, see #662)