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Scratch Addons v1.7.0

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@WorldLanguages WorldLanguages released this 10 Jan 22:52
· 2314 commits to master since this release
  • New "addons" tab in extension popup: easily see what addons are running in the current page, enable addons, and change their settings, directly after clicking the Scratch Addons icon in the top right of your browser!
  • Ability to customize the tabs in the extension popup (such as hiding "cloud games" from the popup if disabled).
  • New addon: data category tweaks (version 2)
  • New addon: mute project player
  • New addon: better forum quoter
  • Type the konami code in the settings page for a surprise :)
  • Scratch 2.0 → 3.0 addon: new color settings
  • Sprite and script count addon: new "live block count in editor" setting
  • 60FPS player mode addon: custom FPS number setting
  • Ability to import and export Scratch Addons settings as a .json file, available inside "more settings" in the settings page.
  • Bug fix: double scrollbar in extension popup if browser zoom over 100%
  • Bug fix: browsers now display certain non-English characters correctly, such as i/İ in Turkish and ß/SS in German.
  • Bug fixes and better performance in editor devtools, colorful context menus, project notes tabs, block switching, dark modes, and more.

Addon development changes:

  • Addons can now provide more than 1 warning and notice through the info manifest property.
  • Popups aren't hardcoded anymore, and they must be specified through the popup manifest property. If an addon is disabled, its popup tab is hidden.

Note: The .crx below is self-signed.