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A simple slideshow application for your mobile.
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Android Slideshow

A simple slideshow application for your mobile.

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Now you can view files on your devices with ease!

Quickly browse through your file system for the directory you want to view, click an image and the slideshow will automatically begin.

Great for showing off those vacation photos without having to scroll.


There are a couple hidden controls when using a slideshow.

Swipe left / right to change to next / previous image.

Single tap to start / stop the slideshow.

Long press during the slideshow to disable user input. This is handy when you don't want grandma to accidentally stop the slideshow when she is dusting the device.

Double tap to pause the slideshow without showing the details panel.


  • Select any directory on your phone
  • Automatically begins playing slideshow
  • Tap to pause, then tap to resume
  • Swipe left and right to skip
  • Delete and share images from within the slideshow
  • Sequential, reversed or random display order
  • Configurable slideshow delay
  • Show / hide hidden files
  • Show image details (dimensions, size, modified date) from within the slideshow
  • Enable navigation to the root of the device
  • Picture in picture support on the latest devices
  • Much much more! Check the settings page!


  • No sign up
  • No internet connection
  • No requests to rate the app
  • No trial periods
  • No paid upgrades

Upcoming Features and Feature Requests

All planned enhancements are here:

A number of requested features have been added! Request yours today!


Michael Standen

This software is provided under the MIT License so it's free to use so long as you give me credit.


Special thanks to all the contributors of Slideshow, who have provided images and translations.

I really mean it. You guys rock!

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