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Ruby client for ReCharge Payments' recurring payments API for Shopify


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ReCharge API Client

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Ruby client for ReCharge Payments' recurring payments API for Shopify.


Ruby gems:

gem install recharge-api


gem "recharge-api", :require => "recharge"


An API key is required. The key can be set via ReCharge.api_key or via the RECHARGE_API_KEY environment variable.

require "recharge"

ReCharge.api_key = "YOUR_KEY"  # Can also use Recharge
data = {
  :address_id => 123234321,
  :customer_id => 565728,
  # ... more stuff
  :next_charge_scheduled_at =>,
  :properties => {
    :name => "size",
    :value => "medium"

subscription = ReCharge::Subscription.create(data)
subscription.address_id = 454343

# Or
ReCharge::Subscription.update(id, data)

subscription =

order1 = ReCharge::Order.get(123123)
order1.line_items.each do |li|
  p li.title
  p li.quantity

order2 = ReCharge::Order.get(453321)
p "Different" if order1 != order2


customers = ReCharge::Customer.list(:page => 10, :limit => 50)
customers.each do |customer|
  addresses = ReCharge::Customer.addresses(
  # ...

For complete documentation refer to the API docs:

Setting the ReCharge API Version

Defaults to your account's API settings but can be overridden via:

ReCharge.api_version = "2021-01"

Rake Tasks for Webhook Management

Add the following to your Rakefile:

require "recharge/tasks"

This will add the following tasks:

  • recharge:hook:create - create webhook HOOK to be sent to CALLBACK
  • recharge:hooks:delete - delete the webhook(s) given by ID
  • recharge:hooks:delete_all - delete all webhooks
  • recharge:hooks:list - list webhooks

All tasks require RECHARGE_API_KEY be set.

For example, to create a hook run the following:

rake recharge:hooks:create RECHARGE_API_KEY=YOURKEY HOOK=subscription/created CALLBACK=

You can set the API version via RECHARGE_API_VERSION.

See Also

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Released under the MIT License:

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