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@vpetersson vpetersson released this Dec 19, 2020

Merge pull request #1453 from Screenly/experimental

Finally merges Experimental into Master
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@vpetersson vpetersson released this Jul 17, 2020

This is not a new release, but rather a rebuild. It does however include a few minor fixes.

NOTE: For Raspberry Pi 4 Model B support, please use the developer version. Installation instructions can be found here. Ensure that you select the 'Developer version'.

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Sep 23, 2019
Merge branch 'master' into production
Sep 16, 2019


Merge branch 'master' into production

@vpetersson vpetersson released this Apr 27, 2019

This release all the fixes from Sprint 9.

You can read more about the details of the release here.

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@vpetersson vpetersson released this Nov 23, 2018

This release all the fixes from Sprint 8. It also introduces a completely new and automated way of building disk images using pi-gen.

You can read more about the changes here.

Note: If you downloaded the version on 2018-11-23, you might have downloaded a broken version. See #965 for details and how to fix it. The disk image has now been replaced to fix this issue.

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May 3, 2018
Merge branch 'master' into production

@vpetersson vpetersson released this May 4, 2018

Bugfixes / improvements

  • Resolves issue with viewer in offline mode (#741)
  • Fixed problem with a viewer crash during certain circumstances (#703)
  • Fixed many other small bugs
  • Refactors and upgrades resin-wifi-connect (#755)
  • Adds support for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Improved automation for building disk images
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@vpetersson vpetersson released this Jan 19, 2018

More detailed release notes can be found in this blog post.

New features

  • Added resin-wifi-connect (#686)
  • Added API call for navigating to a specific asset (#662)

Bugfixes / improvements

  • Switched default to use nginx reverse proxy (#689)
  • Removed Screenly Network Manager (#691)
  • Added auto-resize of disk on first boot (#688)
  • Fixed problem with displaying API docs when HTTP proxy is enabled (#694)
  • Fixed problem with viewer in (#700)


In the new release, we implemented Resin Wifi Connect for a convenient connection to WiFi. Resin WiFi Connect is a utility for dynamically setting the WiFi configuration on a Linux device via a captive portal.

If no connection is found after the first boot of the device after the update/installation, Resin Wifi Connect will be started automatically and you will see the instructions for connecting on your screen

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