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URL: http://yourServerIP:21025/maptool/

The default username is admin, password is auto-generated at each server launch if not set in .screepsrc

If you have a config.yml you can avoid using .screepsrc by setting the env vars, see examples below

Mouse Tools

Generate Rooms

Left click to generate a room

Right click to remove a room (fills with solid room)*

Ctrl+Left Click to generate a sector

Ctrl+Right Click to remove a sector (fills with solid rooms)*

Middle clicking will flood fill from the cursor's position, this is useful to find isolated rooms

*If a room is removed but not regenerated it will be completely walled off with game objects removed. This is done because map tool can not completely remove a room as this must be done in the CLI with the map.removeRoom command.

Edit Room Terrain

Left click sets tile to wall

Right click sets tile to plain

Middle click sets tile to swamp

Open/Close Rooms

Left click to open a room (status = 'normal')

Right click to close a room (status = 'out of borders')

Ctrl+Left Click to open a sector (ignores highways)

Ctrl+Right Click to close a sector (ignores highways)

Main Menu

Save saves the current state of the map Note: reloading the window without hitting Save will reload the map from the server and all changes to the map will be lost

Generate Walls will generate solid rooms surrounding the generated ones, this prevents pathfinding errors that result from exits leading to the 'void' Note: don't leave any room open to the 'void', doing so will cause pathfinding errors

Fix All Rooms this will search for and fix exit mismatches, terrain errors, and game object errors sometimes caused by generation

The slider controls the solid wall chances for newly generated rooms

'Show Walls' will display newly generated rooms that are walled off from each other with a red line

Auto Gen will generate an entire map of the specified size (Can run autoGen(w,h) from console for custom sizes)

'Mouse Tool' select the mouse tool mode

Additional Notes

*Room types/features are automatic based on room position. (IE: bus, sk, controllers, etc)

*You can scroll the map by using the arrow keys

*There are a number of helper functions that can be accessed in devtools console e.g. generateSector('E5S5') to generate a sector around E5S5


Edit .screepsrc to configure

user = admin
pass = password

If using screeps-launcher, you can specify user and pass in your config.yml:

    MAPTOOL_USER: admin
    MAPTOOL_PASS: password


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