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Common utilities for C
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The CommonC framework contains a collection of utilities for C programs. This is a separation from the Common project.

The feature set so far includes:

  • Platform and hardware feature detection.
  • Common compiler extensions.
  • Memory allocator - To conveniently select allocators, reference counted memory, a stack based allocator, and exposes them for use in CoreFoundation (CFAllocatorRef). Note: this is in need to a rewrite as it's just a very simply interface.
  • Logging - a simple logging interface that supports different system logging mechanisms (such as ASL), and ability to add custom format specifiers or other filtering behaviours.
  • Assertions - convenient assert and log on failure.
  • System information - query some basic system/process information.
  • File system - a portable file system interface with convenient path manipulation.
  • Vector and matrix maths - SIMD optimized when supported.
  • Random distributions - convenient distribution choices.
  • Bit manipulation
  • Data - a generic data container.
  • Maps - different map implementations such as generic hashmap and dictionary interfaces.
  • Collections - different collection implementations such as arrays, linked lists, or generic collection and ordered collection interfaces.
  • Strings - optimized immutable strings for UTF-8 and ASCII encodings. Avoids allocations where possible with tagged variants or temporary strings.
  • Enumerators - simple enumerating interfaces for maps, collections, and strings.
  • Queues - single threaded and lock-free (many producer-consumer) concurrent FIFO queues.
  • Garbage Collectors - for safe memory reclamation in lock-free algorithms.
  • Unique IDs - for obtaining and managing IDs.


This project is intended to be compiled with clang using C11 with extensions.


Use the xcode project.


Use meson to generate the build:

mkdir build && CC=clang meson build


A list of globally defineable options to change the behaviour of the library (requires recompilation). For more details of each see their file reference.

  • CC_CONSECUTIVE_ID_GENERATOR_STRICT_COMPLIANCE - ConsecutiveIDGenerator.c (disable some optimisation)
  • CC_CONCURRENT_INDEX_MAP_STRICT_COMPLIANCE - ConcurrentIndexMap.c (disable some optimisation)
  • CC_STRING_TAGGED_NUL_CHAR_ALWAYS_0 - CCString.c (disable some optimisation)
  • CC_STRING_TAGGED_HASH_CACHE - CCString.c (disable some optimisation)
  • CC_NO_ASSERT - Assertion.c (remove all assertions)
  • CC_EXCLUDE_ASL_LOGGER - Logging.c (exclude system logger)
  • CC_EXCLUDE_OSL_LOGGER - Logging.c (exclude system logger)
  • CC_EXCLUDE_SYSLOG_LOGGER - Logging.c (exclude system logger)
  • CC_ALLOCATORS_MAX - Allocator.c (increase max allocator list size)
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