Common Java utility library for RuuviTag related things, ie. RuuviTag raw data parsing
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RuuviTag Common

ruuvitag-common is a library of utilities to work with RuuviTags, main purpose is providing parsers for parsing raw data from RuuviTags

WARNING: This library is currently being developed, breaking changes will most likely happen in the near future, additionally the current code is UNTESTED, blindly refactored out of RuuviCollector

That being said, comments, suggestions and other contributions are more than welcome. :)

TODO: decide best proper/best naming convention TODO: general refactoring and cleanup TODO: check javadoc and comments TODO: write proper documentation TODO: write tests TODO: publish to maven central to avoid needing to build the library locally

How to use

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Build and install the library locally: mvn clean install
  3. Add the dependency to your project:
  1. Use the library in your code:
import fi.tkgwf.ruuvi.common.bean.RuuviMeasurement;
import fi.tkgwf.ruuvi.common.parser.DataFormatParser;
import fi.tkgwf.ruuvi.common.parser.impl.AnyDataFormatParser;

public class Example {

    public void showTemperature() {
        DataFormatParser parser = new AnyDataFormatParser();
        byte[] rawData = getRawDataFromSomewhere();
        RuuviMeasurement measurement = parser.parse(rawData);
        System.out.println("Temperature is " + measurement.getTemperature());