ScriptEd's first and second year curriculum
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ScriptEd Curriculum

Creative Commons License
ScriptEd Curriculum by ScriptEd, Inc. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

Below please find ScriptEd's suggested curriculum for Year 1 and Year 2 Students. If you are looking for additional resources, please visit our Resources page.

Year 1

While completing the units below, the students are working towards becoming extremely qualified at all the skills found in the ScriptEd Foundations Rubric

For unit 2, students must set up an account with GitHub and Cloud9 account. This guide serves as a tutorial for creating an account with each.

Unit Lessons Topics Project
1. Introduction 1 Computing processes, Algorithms N/A
2. HTML 5 Webpage structure, Simple Styles, Site Layout Social Media Webpage
3. CSS 5 Site Mapping, Div tags, About Me, About Me with Bootstrap
[4. Programming with Scratch] (units/4-scratch/) 4 Algorithms, if/else, comparison operators Ol Mc'Donald MadLibs w/ if/else statement
[5. JavaScript] (units/5-javascript/) 4 Variables, functions, random number generation, pseudo-code, comments Calculator
[6. Strings] (units/6-string/) 2 Functions, casting, comparison Madlibs
7. Conditionals 2 Boolean values, if/else, comparison operators, logical operators High low
8. Arrays & Loops 3 Arrays, while / for loops. Movie search engine
9. Hashes 2 Hashes, key-value pairs, for-in loops Address book
[10. jQuery] (units/10-jquery) 2 Selectors, click handlers Facebook wall
11. Command line & version control 2 CRUD operations in terminal, Git, Github, clone, push,pull N/A

Year 2

Second year students will be completing their final projects using Cloud9 IDE. They will also need to sign in using their GitHub account. This guide serves as a tutorial for creating an account with each.

Unit Date(s) of Lesson Skills Project API
1. Scavenger Hunt 9/20/14 Variables, Functions, Strings, Conditionals, Loops, Scavenger hunt of many short programs (<10 lines each) N/A
2. Rock, Paper, Scissors 10/4/14 API, math.random, JQuery A functioning game of user vs. bot
3. CSS Mastery
4. Playing Cards
5. SoundMood SoundCloud
6. Speech Synthesis Form, API, Responsive Design, http calling, JQuery Speech Synthesis Azure Microsoft Translator [Web Speech]
7. NYC Data Map Big Data, Data Visualization, API, Client Server HeatMap of various data pulled from 311
8. Learningpod Test Prep API, Client Server Studyguide for various tests Learningpod
10. Entrepreneurism
**11. **