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API for Exchange
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API for Exchange utilizing completely built-in functions and utilities of Python 2.7.

Example Usage

Create buy order for dgc, market id 26, then cancels all orders you have for dgc

import Cryptsy
Exchange = Cryptsy.Cryptsy('KEY HERE', 'SECRET HERE')
print(Exchange.createOrder(26, "Buy", 100, 0.00000001))       # Buy 100 dgc at .00000001 each
print(Exchange.cancelMarketOrders(26))                        # Cancels all orders in market 26, dgc

Authors Note And Contact

If you have any questions or concerns email me at or skype me at scriptprodigy!

Donations ;)

Send all donations to this cryptsy trade key please! :) 7f79452abf8d345ebc8247a631dd1f1a367cb6a0

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