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Class interface to IndexedDB.

Basic demo: SimpleIDB Basic Demo Index demo: SimpleIDB Index Demo

Getting Started


The script is loaded in a web page from the server with this command:

<script type="text/javascript" src="SimpleIDB.js"></script>

Since the functions return a promise and are called with await, they must be called from an async function.

Define an instance

var cidb = SimpleIDB()

Open the database

var idb = await"basename", "storename", { schema: s, index: i })

A simple schema may have the form:

{ keyPath: "name"}

A simple index may be:

["icolor", "color", { unique: false }]

The third parameter is optional or may holds only a schema or an index. The index option may be a single object or an array of objects.

Fill the database

An array of objects is assigned to the main property of an object. It may be loaded as a JSON file or, for the demo, embedded in the page.

await cidb.fill(idb, "storename", data["mainprop"])

Dump the contents

var cont = await cidb.dump(idb, "storename")

Cont now how a list of objects, you can display dependant of their structure.

Read a record

var infos = await"storename", key)

The key is the value of the property defined in keyPath for a record.

Add or replace a record

A record is added is the key does not exists, otherwise it is replaced by the new record.

await cidb.write("storename, obj)

The obj parameter is an object with the same structure as the other obects recorded.

Search a record or a set of records matching a value in an index

await cidb.getIndex("storename", "indexname", "value")

An array of identifiers is returned. To get a record, use the read method with an identifier as argument.

Remove a record from the database

await cidb.remove("storename", key)

The key here also is the value of the property defined in keyPath or an identifier if no schema is given.

Delete a database

await cidb.kill("databasename")

An HTML file is included to delete a database, that is required if you change the schema or the index without upgrading the version.

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Class to interface IndexedDB






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